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Let us help you get your financial affairs in order with our estate planning services. The team at Colorado Wealth Group can tailor your financial plan to suit your needs.

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Financial Planning:

Many people think that estate planning is only for exceptionally wealthy people. However, this isn’t the case. As long as you have assets like a vehicle, cash, real estate, or even insurance policies, you have an estate. And, if you want to bequeath these assets to loved ones when you pass away, it’s a good idea to sit with a financial planning advisor and come up with the most appropriate estate planning strategies. The team at Colorado Wealth Group will put years of experience to work for you.

Why You Need Estate Planning Services

When you hear about estate planning, you may think you only need an attorney. However, since you need to take stock of all your assets and liabilities, it’s important to talk to a financial planner first. Also, annuities and life insurance policies can play a key role in estate planning, so you’ll need to organize them in the most beneficial way.

One of the benefits of an estate plan is that it takes stress off your family in the event that you die or become incapacitated. You probably don’t want to leave your heirs with a financial mess on their hands. Since life insurance usually bypasses the probate process, it can provide quick cash to the estate. This can then be used to pay off a mortgage, loan, tax obligation, or other outstanding debt. Meanwhile, an annuity can provide almost immediate cash to a named beneficiary.

The specialists at Colorado Wealth Group can also guide you on real estate financial planning if this is appropriate for you. This is just a small insight into what an estate planning financial advisor can assist you with. If you want to take control of your estate planning and secure your future and that of your loved ones, we’re equipped to advise you. 

Let Us Help You Get Your Affairs in Order

It’s tempting to put off estate planning, but this is not a good idea. Your plan may change over time as circumstances evolve, but having a strategy is important. Having a clear picture of your financial situation is an excellent place to start. Contact us today to talk about real estate financial planning or our estate planning services.

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