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“I highly recommend CWG for their exceptional wealth management services. We were referred by a close friend and realtor and interviewed multiple firms. From our first conversation with Steven Harp, we knew CWG was the right fit. Their personalized care, responsive team, and family-like atmosphere make them stand out. Special kudos to Emily, the Director of Operations, for her exceptional support and efficient management. Steven and the CWG team have transformed our wealth management approach, and we're confident about our financial future. Don't hesitate to choose CWG for your financial needs."”

Lindsey B.

“I could not imagine a better financial planning experience. I was reluctant for years to commit to a financial service because I struggle trusting others with my finances. After working with Jacob, Steven, Emily, and the rest of the team for about four months now, I am so happy we chose CWG. Their recommendations made total sense and they explained the rationale clearly with tons of data. We will be long-term customers for sure.”

John S.

“We are big fans of Steven and the entire team at Colorado Wealth Group! They are incredibly knowledgeable and client focused. They've made adulting a whole lot easier and given us great peace of mind about our financial plans, retirement, future risk mitigation, tax concerns, and more. Our only regret is not starting with them earlier.”

Lindsey C.

“Steven, Jacob, Emily, and the whole team at CWG are top notch. Though I studied finance, worked in trading and private equity, and have paid close attention to personal finances over the years, it's clear I have so much to learn from Steven and his team. They are on another level when it comes to financial planning and wealth management. My wife and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a professional, diligent, and detail-oriented group in the process of planning our financial future. The return on the investment we've made in CWG is well worth it. Highly recommended.”

Keah K.

“This review is overdue! I've been working with Colorado Wealth Group for a couple of years. They are all very knowledgeable and resourceful within the many areas of financial life. I always appreciate their guidance and insights as I think about retirement. Honestly, they make this process enjoyable which is not always easy to do. Thanks for all that you do!”

Renee F.

“5 stars. Truly the best. You could not ask for a better experience from the moment you meet for initial financial planning to the frequent touch points throughout the year and personal interactions. I have 100% full confidence in the financial decisions and security that Steven, Jacob, Emily, Jay, and the entire CWG team are providing for my young family and me. They advise. They support. They ensure you have the information and full picture you need to make the right decisions for your future. We are so thankful we took the leap years ago to start working with CWG. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The confidence and care they provide is unmatched.”

Kacy B.

“I got to a place in my life where my investments were a bit all over the place; in addition, I was saving for retirement with no true direction nor plan. We engaged Colorado Wealth Group to help organize our financial situation. They gave thoughtful suggestions and helped us implement our plan. Everything is now in one place, and we have a clear picture of where we are heading. Steven and his employees care, listen, and make my life so much easier. We are so glad we found them.”

Julie B.

“My wife and I are so happy with the work Steven and his team at CWG have done for us! They quickly delivered a comprehensive investment and retirement plan designed to meet our future financial objectives. We are now executing on this plan, and the CWG team is helping us at every step along the way. We're very impressed with CWG's financial knowledge and experience, and we are confident we will meet our goals if we follow the plan. We wholeheartedly recommend their services. We're looking forward to working with them for the rest of our lives!”

Brian H.

“We first reached out to CWG a couple of years ago and were very impressed with their service and retirement planning. They have been very responsive through a move (out of state) and a job layoff. They updated our plan and went through multiple options so that we could stay on track. Plus, they are just great people! Jacob, Emily, and Carter are very warm and friendly, and you have to love their Chief Morale Officer, Billie the wonder dog!”

Juli C.

“We have been working with Steven and his team for several years now as we've continued to build our family and our finances. Everyone at Colorado Wealth Group is very responsive, informative, and always willing to spend the time to talk through any of our questions. I fully trust Steven and his team to position us well for continued financial growth and would highly recommend Colorado Wealth Group to anyone looking for a dedicated team of financial advisors.”

Matthew H.

“My husband and I recently got married, purchased a new home, and are having our first child this year. We reached out to a few other planning services who basically gave us a straight-line estimate for how to plan for retirement without considering all the changes, nuances, and possibilities that might happen in the next 30 years before we retire. Needless to say, those other firms were totally unhelpful. Jacob, Carter, and the CWG team actively asked about our goals and outlined several different scenarios for us to better understand our financial future and the possibilities (i.e. the impact of 3 kids vs. 2, or the impact of taking a few sabbatical years here and there, etc.). We are SUPER happy with the results and feel confident that we have partners to help us stay on the right financial path. Could not recommend them more.”

Steena C.

Disclaimer : Colorado Wealth Group has not provided any compensation for, and has not influenced the content of, the testimonials shown. The testimonials shown have been invited, have been shared with each client’s permission, and are not necessarily representative of the experience of other clients. To our knowledge, no other conflicts of interest exist regarding these testimonials.

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Our Financial Planning Process

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    After a short, initial consult with a Wealth Advisor, you will be guided through a data-gathering process in preparation for a Financial Plan proposal.

  • Get a Plan

    You will work with your Wealth Advisor and the team to customize your Financial Plan for maximum probability of success.

  • Get Going

    Every plan comes with a checklist of recommendations for you, and potentially CWG, to execute. You will then meet with your Wealth Advisor twice a year to ensure that you are taking action and staying accountable to your goals.

Our Experienced Team of Professionals

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  • Steven Harp

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Jacob Ray

    Partner, Director of Financial Planning, & CCO

  • Bruce Larsen

    Senior Wealth Advisor

  • Matt Selihar

    Wealth Advisor

  • Emily Murtaugh

    Director of Operations

  • Carter Hench

    Financial Planning Manager

  • Matthew Conley

    Operations Coordinator

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  • A. Accumulation

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  • C. Legacy

More Than Just a Mountain

Our logo was designed to encompass all three parts of the Financial Planning Lifecycle: A) Accumulation, B) Distribution, and C) Legacy. A comprehensive financial plan looks at the whole picture. At Colorado Wealth Group, we believe that a Financial Lifecycle plan will empower you to hit your savings goals (the ascent), while also providing a roadmap for a successful descent from the summit, and beyond.